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What do I say in response to......

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The home inspection business is not a side hustle if you are actually serious about making some money to support yourself and your family. It takes quite a bit mire than just knowing how to look at an electrical panel and not being scared of heights enough to walk a roof. It takes systems and scripts to build and grow the business.

Here is the problem as I see it. A person takes the needed classes and gets certified and/or licensed (depending upon what the State requires) and then has to learn all by themselves typically how to get business and grow.

Home inspection schools spend very little if any real time on helping new home inspectors set up their business and systems for success. No wonder the success rate for new home inspectors is low. This is where come in. We want to reduce the failure rate of new home inspectors. Looking over some blogs and data it looks like at least 90% of home inspectors are not longer in business with in 3 years. Starting any business can be tough. Home inspections are not much different.

90% failure rate is not acceptable

We want to help get that failure rate much lower. Their will always be failure and people deciding that they no longer want to do home inspections. We want to help those people who want to be successful home inspectors become successful home inspectors.

If you spend much time reading message board posts or social media pages where a new inspector is asking a question or is seeking guidance you will rather quickly read where more experienced inspectors are "not very supportive" of the newer inspectors. Nothing like having an experienced home inspector tell you publicly to stop doing inspections until you know what you are doing. That behavior crushes confidence and makes it harder to seek information next time. Those inspector jerks hurt the trade and helps to discourage newer people from learning. Yes we need to know what we are doing so we do not harm anyone, however there are good ways to help without putting down newer people. 

Those Inspector jerks hurt the profession

I have been part of mastermind groups for many years and even formed a group or two for short periods of time. A mastermind group is a meeting of minds used to help all members solve their problems and to speed up results through the use of the experiences and advice from the other group members. This concept comes from Napoleon Hill in his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich.

A Mastermind is considered as one of the most powerful tools used by people to start, grow and improve business or personal skills.

Members come together, in person, by phone or virtually. They can meet once a week, every two weeks, or monthly to share challenges, successes, useful information and comradery. Some groups meet virtually every two weeks to then meet for 2-3 days once a quarter at some location for meetings.

A key part of the mastermind group is that each member is supportive of each other.

We want to help those people who want to be successful home inspectors become successful home inspectors. We will help provide our members the answers to their questions. We will help them through the awkward first home inspections. We will provide scripts to help you with a wide variety of situations that the home inspection schools likely never came close to mentioning.

Let us help get you and your business up and running and looking and feeling like the well experienced home inspector you want to be with support and not ridicule. If you are already an established home inspector let us help you grow that business and increase your free time.

Join the Home Inspector Growth Group. It is here that we can get you polished and ready to start your home inspection business correctly and professionally. This will set you up for future growth into a multi-inspector company if that is something you wish to do. If you want to be a single person operation then there is nothing wrong with that. 

At first I had zero interest in having employees. As things grew and I got busier and less free time I began to hire and train inspectors to join my company. As I went along I learned and figured out systems and scripts that helped to save me time and to create a structure for continued growth.

Go to this page to join the Home Inspector Growth Group

On this site you will find more information regarding mastermind groups and then you will see where you can select to join the group created specifically for home inspectors.

I am limiting the group size to better serve members so if interested please do not delay too long. There is also a form on the site to ask any questions and to get a free phone consultation.