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FAQ's RE:  Inspection Call Flow System

What can I expect?

We will contact you to get the information needed to start getting set up for you. After setting up you can start to see the system and how it works. If you have questions at any time or if you wish to "tweak" the messages some let us know. 

Is this only for bigger companies?

No not at all. The inspection call flow system works for any size company. For a single person operation with no office staff all the way to a multi-inspector company with an office the system will save you time and money.

Does it need to start at the beginning of the month?

No, your month starts the day that you join. Actually 7 days after you join because we allow 7 days to get it set up and to start testing it so you can actually see how it is working for you. You can join any time of year and at any part of the month.

What if I decide it is not for me?

You can cancel at any time. We do ask that you stay with us for 3 months to get into the groove of the system and to give yourself time to notice benefits.  

Use it the whole year or just during the busier months?

You will want to use it the entire year. Once agents and clients use the system they will get accustomed to it and will not like your changing things up. At no point in time do we ever expect a call center to be as cost effective or as efficient as this system. This will save you time and expenses for as long as you use the system.