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Prior to use

We were using a call center that was doing well for several years. There were always some problems however that is to be expected and rarely did the problems result in loss of business as far as we knew. 

Then we started hearing of issues and the call center having high turnover. The quality of the service suffered. When they did screw up they would take no responsibility. Despite our having very clearly written SOP for answering the phones. When we received the recording of the call center person actually telling a potential client to call other home inspection companies to schedule that was it. We were changing things up.

I had found a way and my wife/co-owner began working on it along with programmers to get the system set up. We then tested it for several months tweaking it so it does exactly as we want it to. 

The old call center was costing us on average 800/month in fees. Unable to know how many inspections and agents they cost us. We cancelled their services. 

800/mo saved x 12 months = $9600 at minimum saved that first year

Depending upon your profit margin it takes a lot of home inspections to pay for that.

$9600 after 15% profit margin means you need to have 64,000 in sales to pay for the call center. If your average inspection fee is $500 you need 128 inspections to break even with that cost. Not doing that anymore.

Cancelling the call center and using the system is equal to getting an extra 128 inspections. 

Prior to the system we average 42% scheduled online. Shortly after using it that percentage jumped to around 63% and has held steady in that area. That increase means less office staff time on the phone. That gives them more time to get access codes and to do to other things in the office such a marketing to increase business even more. Giving you the ability to grow even more if you wish.

We expect the saving to continue forever, and we also expect the percentage scheduled online to increase over time as more and more people get comfortable with doing it. 

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