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FAQ Regarding Our Mastermind Meetings

What can I expect?

If you have never been part of a Mastermind Meeting (MM) this is a common question. Expect to take turn listening to others speak regarding what they do and any challenges they are experiencing. Members of the group will ask questions and then after all questions have been asked member can then provide suggestions, feedback or recommendations to the member who was being focused upon.

I am not comfortable speaking in front of others, is this hard?

The group is filled with members who want each other to succeed. This is not a large public speech. You are talking to a small group via phone or virtually via Zoom. You can speak as little as you wish. We definitely do not expect eloquence. 

Do I need to start during certain times of the year?

Absolutely not! A person can join the group at anytime as long as there is a spot open. 

Do the membership all start at the beginning of the month?

No, your month starts the day that you join. We do this because we have meeting every two weeks and we want you to start benefitting as soon as possible. You can join any time of year and at any part of the month as long as there is an open spot. We want to limit the groups to 10 members.

What if I decide it is not for me?

You can cancel at any time. We do ask that you stay with us for 3 months to get into the groove of the mastermind and to give yourself time to notice benefits.  

What if I prefer private coaching to help me reach my goals?

We can do that also. Message us and we will give you a no pressure phone call to discuss. This is something that could be added to the group sessions as well.  

Is there a lot of pressure?

No, this is not high pressure at all. This is supportive and encouraging. However, we definitely believe in honest feedback and will help and encourage you to achieve the goals that you have for yourself. If you are not meeting your goals we will help you figure out the barriers and get you on track to reach those goals.

What if I do not know what I need to work on?

This is common at some point especially if a person is sort of in a rut with their business and are uncertain as to what to focus on for further growth. We can help you figure out next steps.

Is this group for business only?

It is not for business owners only or for fitness only. Some people are starting a business, some already have a good business and want to gain more growth or freedom from the business. A challenge is rarely a business only or a personal only challenge. Each aspect of a persons life effects the others and the persons ability to successfully navigate challenges. Any challenges can be brought up by the member.