Troth Media - What we can do for you


Operating a company can be

expensive and confusing!

Increase your profit margins and improve your systems

The expenses for every business range from the cost of education, events, hiring a marketing person, vehicles, tools, accounting, office staff to answer the phone, a call center, etc. 

No matter what size your company is or what stage of growth it is in, it is certain that there will be some struggles and growing pains. Troth Media can help provide support and consulting to help those transitions to help ensure profitability and that your entire day is not taken up by being in the business. 

Systems are key to growth.

Every business need to set up systems and procedures. Using a simple piece of paper to record an order or a receipt is a system. Some businesses can get away with doing that for a bit. The need for better more robust systems will be needed, especially as the company grows. Not have a system in place when needed will stunt the growth of a business. This is a problem that does not have to happen. 

Money Saving and Making Automation

Our call flow system is a money saving automation that saves you the expense of having a call center, reduces the need for office staff, plus it increases the percentage of clients scheduling online. Saving you time and money. Originally designed to be used for a home inspection company the system is perfect for other types of businesses as well.

Every time a person schedules online that saves you or the person in your office the time involved in taking that order. After they schedule all the person needs to do is to get access information for that inspection. Your office staff then has more time to tend to other tasks, increasing efficiency in the office. 

If you currently use an online scheduling system and you have a call center or are looking for a call center solution then test our system out. 

Test the Inspection Call Flow System   7 Day Free Trial

7 days to allow time for set up and testing. 

After you have signed up, we will begin working on getting your system in place for you. 

Blog and Article writing

Troth Media can write blog posts and articles for you to use for your websites or for publication. We would focus on key words for your location and business to help ensure your success. Consistency is important in article and blog posting. Search engines look for relevancy and for updates to websites. Have us write 2 articles per month for your business. These articles can then be used for your social media easily. 

Email Marketing

For a select few clients Troth Media can create and manage your email marketing campaigns. We believe that consistent communications to customers, clients and referral sources is very important. By staying in touch and visible to them your company is better positioned to be top of mind when it comes to a need for the service that you provide.

Consultations Advisory Sessions

If you are uncertain about next steps or strategies to progress your business to the next level then contact us. We will schedule a time to discuss your business and challenges that you are having.