Inspection Call Flow System

Operating a home inspection company

can be expensive!

Increase your profit margins and improve your systems

The expenses range from the cost of education, licensing, sponsoring real estate events, hiring a marketing person, vehicles, tools, accounting, office staff to answer the phone, a call center, etc. 

No matter what size your company is or what stage of growth it is in, it is certain that your phones must be handled properly so that home inspections can get scheduled. If nothing gets scheduled, then there is no point in staying open because you will be out of business.

When someone needs to schedule, they want that task taken care of because they know it is important. If they can't schedule with you then they will move on to the next company quickly. You need the ability to schedule immediately when someone is trying to schedule.

Nothing getting scheduled = no business

It is hard to trust a call center to do things right. Some do better than others and sometimes that call center may start off doing well and then they have a change of employees or ownership, and it goes to crap. 

When that happens not only are you losing business you are also wasting time with that call center.

Do not expect the call center to tell you that they are sucking. You will not realize that they are doing badly until you start hearing things from agents or clients that they tried to schedule however they did not get through to the call center or worse yet they call center told the client to call another home inspection company to shop around (true story).

By the time you learn of such things the damage is already done.

Calls center are also expensive in money and opportunity

Yes, a scheduled inspection that cost you $25 per scheduled inspection plus the monthly fee for just having the call center there is better than nothing. However, that really eats into your profit margins. 

Even when a call center is functioning as it should, it will still eat into your profit margins.

Our inspection call flow system is not a call center where you have to rely on individuals staying on the job long enough to learn how to do it well and to care enough not to tell potential clients to call another home inspection company.

Money Saving Automation

Our Inspection call flow system is a money saving automation that saves you the expense of having a call center, reduces the need for office staff, plus it increases the percentage of clients scheduling online. Saving you time and money. 

Every time a person schedules online that saves you or the person in your office the time involved in taking that order. After they schedule all the person needs to do is to get access information for that inspection. Your office staff then has more time to tend to other tasks, increasing efficiency in the office. 

If you currently use an online scheduling system and you have a call center or are looking for a call center solution then test our system out. 

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