The At Home Mastermind
You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. - Jim Rohn

You are ready to improve!

We are all designed for improvement and growth. The sad part is that many of us have learned to believe that we are not capable of growth and developing new skills, or it is that we lack the knowledge of what to do next. Often we need feedback and suggestions from others to solve issues and answer concerns to speed up success.

Let us help you increase your business and increase your level of satisfaction.

Ever feel like your stuck where you are however the path to improve your life, career, business or to improve your believe in yourself is not clear?

If you associate with people who believe that your skills, your abilities and your drive to improve is limited, then you will eventually believe that as well.

It is time to ensure that you will associate with people who realize that you can improve yourself. You need people who will support your desire to learn new skills and new information. You need friends and partners who appreciate your drive for self improvement. 

Join our mastermind group that will help support and guide you to achieve more!

What is a Mastermind Group?

A mastermind group is a meeting of minds used to help all members solve their problems and to speed up results through the use of the experiences and advice from the other group members. This concept comes from Napoleon Hill in his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich.

A Mastermind is considered as one of the most powerful tools used by people to start, grow and improve business or personal skills.

Members come together, in person, by phone or virtually. They can meet once a week, every two weeks, or monthly to share challenges, successes, useful information and comradery. Some groups meet virtually every two weeks to then meet for 2-3 days once a quarter at some location for meetings.

There is no set way for masterminds to be formed or to communicate with the members. The key factor is that they do communicate regularly and that they have the best interests of the other members in mind. Groups can vary in size from just 2 to up to 20. It is our experience that a group size of no more than 20 works very well.

The members can also be from a variety of industries and experience levels. Groups can focus on business, personal issues or a mix of both. Often while starting to focus on one goal, a member shifts to other goals as the first goal(s) are met or another challenge takes on more immediate importance. Mastermind groups can be beneficial to everyone.

The At Home Mastermind Concept

We look at things as a whole and realize that each aspect of one's life affects all other areas of their life. We encourage members to focus on what they need to focus upon at that time. We do not want to limit the group's ability to help each other by limiting the focus of the group to a single focus such as marketing, personal, etc. People are multifaceted and need to be helped and supported in a variety of areas as needed.

Group size for us is limited and will meet virtually every two weeks. We ask that you commit for a minimum of 3 months to help ensure that you will make significant progress towards your goals. If unable to make a few meetings, that is ok. We understand that schedules can change, and emergencies happen. It may just mean that reaching some goals may take longer if you are off track some.

Having the meetings virtually makes the experience, time and cost efficient for everyone. We look forward towards working with you and helping you achieve your goals. 

To get started go to the Join A The Mastermind Group page and complete the form. Choose if you want to be in the Boost Group or the Home Inspection Growth Group (home inspectors only)

After you complete the form you will be directed to a page that has resources and some things for you to do immediately to begin making progress towards your goals and to help you stay on track.

 Who is running the groups? The groups are lead by Jim and Laura Troth. Their varied backgrounds and experiences provide plenty of value which will help group members achieve goals. Experiences include; counseling, marketing, running successful business with over 1M in sales and of course, mastermind meetings. If you ask Laura she will tell you about the months she spent on a wagon train with troubled youth (yes, that did happen). Add these experiences to the knowledge and experiences of the other members and the impact will be huge for you.

Go to the Join A Mastermind Page to get signed up by completing the form. 

If you have been in these types of groups before, then you understand how valuable they can be and how the collective knowledge and experiences of everyone in the group can be a massive game changer, especially if the group is lead by experienced people. If you have not been in a mastermind before, then after you have been in the group for a bit you will understand the impact it will have. 

Two Mastermind Meeting Tracks to Choose From

One Group is for anyone who is looking to improve themselves in the areas of focus, mindset, efficiency, deciding what to do, etc. This is the Boost Group

The second group is for people who own a home inspection company. Perhaps they recently started up that company and want to do things properly, avoid issues, learn marketing or they want grow an established home inspection company. This group is the Inspection Growth Group

Growing a company is not an automatic occurrence, it takes time, effort and systems to allow for growth. Timing is important also. Do too much or too little at the wrong time and it will cause issues. There are formulas for success, we can help.  

Not sure if being in a group is for you? Fill out the form below and I will get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have. 

Have a question? Use the form below and we will get hold of you.

 I implore anyone who wants to grow from missing their goals into reaching and exceeding their personal best to take advantage of the wisdom and positive energy that Jim and Laura personify.



May 2020 was a scary time for me as it probably was for all of us. My already unstable career choice of 100% commission automotive sales had just laid me off two months prior due to the national health emergency of the Covid-19 pandemic. Full commission jobs do not guarantee pay so if you don’t sell you don’t get paid; your family’s finances fluctuate at best and suffer at worst. So there is already a high level of uncertainty in that position. Now, with being laid off and fearing that the health crisis would drive people away from coming out in public and that the economic catastrophe it caused would turn people away from purchasing vehicles, I thought that I would not be able to keep the lights on for my family and worse I may lose my career that had been, up to that point, the best job financially I had ever had.

I reached out to Jim via facebook because of our mutual familiarity with the classic best selling book on being successful called Think and Grow Rich. Jim agreed to meet regularly and discuss our goals and the principles of the book that empowers the reader to reach and even excel their financial and personal goals.

At the time my goals were really general and sporadic. I thought of many things I could do to feel fulfilled and attain financial security. Jim helped me to clarify my goals by desiring to earn a specific income by a specific date and define what daily action steps I would take to reach my main goal.
After meeting with Jim for several months and sharing ideas on how to hit and exceed our goals I began to really see the results of our goal setting sessions. I was called back to work helping people who needed transportation purchase vehicles and have the easiest car buying experience they ever had. During the slowest month of the year for car dealerships and car sales people I had helped the most customers I had ever had. The following months I exceeded that success and even doubled my best month. Jim and Laura have been very essential to my personal success. I implore anyone who wants to grow from missing their goals into reaching and exceeding their personal best to take advantage of the wisdom and positive energy that Jim and Laura personify.