Monthly marketing materials

With this service we will create material for you to use in marketing your company monthly. You will be provided access to a webpage so you can download the material. All you will need to do is add your company information, contact info and anything you want regarding your company. Great for staying top on mind for past clients and those that give referrals to you. Having consistent materials that are delivered consistently is key to being remembered when your service is needed.

Proof Reading/Editing

Want a second pair of eyes on your work? We all make mistakes when writing. It is hard to find the mistakes on your own work because you fully understand and know what you meant to say. Let us proof read your marketing materials, your blog posts or any creative work you have. 

Blog Writing

Like many people you may have a blog however you do not post as often as you should. Hire us to create the blog posts for you. Blogs should have fresh posts on them at least weekly. 

Short Videos

Want a short video that features your product or service in operation? Let us know what you are looking for.

Sales Letter Creation

Need a sales letter created that will help drive sales to you and your company? We have studied copy writing and will create a letter that will help you get more clients and business. The letter will follow an organized path leading the reader to you and your business.